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Jim Mora Statement

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Mora J 355 "I would like to thank Dan Guerrero and the University administration for giving me the chance to work at a great institution for the past six years. Coaching student-athletes at UCLA has been the most rewarding experience of my career, and I know the future is bright for the program.

"We also had a great group of outstanding coaches who deserve thanks for their efforts. They’re not only great coaches, but they also care deeply about our student-athletes, and they worked extremely hard to help our team reach its full potential, both on and off the field. 

"Most importantly, I want to thank the student-athletes that I’ve had the privilege to work with. You’ve been an inspiration to me, and I’ll carry great memories of our times together the rest of my life.

"Finally, I want to wish continued success to UCLA and its football program. With the opening of the new facilities and a groundwork laid for excellence, I firmly believe there are great times ahead.

"Again, thank you for the opportunity to be the head football coach at UCLA. It has truly been an honor.


 -Jim Mora

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