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Monday Morning Quarterback

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UCLA USC 06It is tough being a fan of Bruin football. When was the last time the Bruins were able to put a solid defense and offense together in the same year? Maybe the first couple of years of Jim Mora, but still there wasn’t enough to stop physical Stanford or the speed of Oregon.

When will the Bruins field a dominating defense and offense in the same year? When this happens the Bruins will have the chance to when the South and play in the Conference Championship game, something that has eluded them for a while now.

The last time a UCLA team had a shot at truly playing for the National Championship was in Cade McNown’s senior season in 1998 when the offense had to outscore the opposition every game.

The hope of that season was dashed in Miami on a horrible call late in the game when receiver Brad Melsby’s knee was down, yet he was called for fumbling. In today’s environment, the referees would have been able to correct the error but that was not the case then.

The Hurricanes turned that turnover into points that ended up being the difference of the game. That loss knocked the Bruins out of the National Championship game.

Tennessee played Florida State and the Vols behind the quarterback play of now USC offensive coordinator, Tee Martin, were victorious. A flat and down UCLA team went to the Rose Bowl only to lose to a very physical Wisconsin team.

The Bruins were in the hunt in the middle of the last decade during Drew Olson’s senior season. Those hopes were crushed in the desert by Arizona and then the cherry on top of this bitter cake was another season-ending beat down from USC.

In the 1980s with hall-of-fame quarterback Troy Aikman the Bruins were close, but no cigar. During this time the Bruins developed so much winning talent UCLA had the record of most players from one college playing in one Super Bowl, yet the Bruins stumbled and failed to win the National Championship, something that has eluded them since Red Sanders and his 1954 team.

Yes, it can be frustrating being a Bruin fan. It wouldn’t at all be surprising if the Bruins end up beating Stanford Saturday Evening. That’s how this football program rolls.

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