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Monday Morning Quarterback

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Rosen UAWhat a comeback, it is still hard to believe what the Bruin accomplished on Sunday Evening. It was a fun couple of days. Witnessing UCLA’s record breaking comeback was something to behold. It is going to be a game for the ages and talked about by Bruin fans for years to come.

Social media was going bonkers. The internet was on burning up wanting the firing of head coach, Jim Mora. The hot seat that Mora is presumably seating on became even hotter and social media was putting out names for Mora’s replacement.

That was for almost three quarters and then it happened. The miraculous comeback was in its infancy when running back Soso Jamabo scored with 2:06 left in third-quarter making the score 44-17. It would be a long climb, but there was a flicker of hope. The only question was, will there be enough time?

Every lucking break fell UCLA’s way. If the ball would have bounced differently, the feeling around Westwood be a lot different today. The ball did bounce UCLA’s way and the Bruins took advantage of every lucky break.

Josh Rosen could have easily had two interceptions, but as fate would have it, ledger reads two touchdowns instead. There is an old adage, I would rather be lucky than good.

Against Texas A&M, UCLA was a little bit of both. Hence, there is a lot of joy in Bruin Nation.

Looking back in the rearview mirror, UCLA has issues to address. You can’t rely on the ball bouncing your way every game. The Bruin coaching staff will have a lot of tape in which to teach, but they will be teaching after an emotional, hard fought win.

Critique goes over better after a win like that. Emotions are high. The team is fired up, but the Bruins under Jim Mora, have the 24-hour rule, win or lose, put the game behind you and start focusing on the task at hand and that is Hawai’i.

The main issues facing future success for the Bruins are the same on both sides of the ball. UCLA has to find a way to run the football and on defense stop the run.

For three and half quarters UCLA was getting gashed. Being able to stop the run will go a long way in determining how successful this season is going to be.

There are plenty of conference foes that know how to run the football. UCLA’s defense has some fixing to do, but when it counted the defense did enough to stop the bleeding and enable Rosen and the Bruin offense to pull off the miracle comeback.

Enjoy the win, the Bruins deserve it. Now take the lessons that are on the tape and use it to take the next step forward.

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