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UCLA Head Coach Jim Mora Post UNLV Quotes

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Mora J 359UCLA head coach Jim Mora
opening remarks
“It’s good to get a win. That was a hard-fought game against a really worthy opponent. [UNLV] That’s a team that has made a lot of improvement in a year, and their players are buying into their system. It was also fun to get some of our guys into the game who don’t always get to play. To be able to get the first Japanese-born player [Gyu Shojima] in there, those are great moments in those young men’s lives. Like in any game, there are some things we have to improve – penalties on offense. We didn’t have any of those last week, and we had some this week. We have to address that as a staff and as a team. And then we have to try and figure out how to start faster offensively in the third quarter. That was the second week in a row. It was good to see Mossi [Johnson] come back and make a play. So there are a lot of positives, but like always, there are a lot of things that we need to improve upon. We’ll get ready to play a good BYU team next Saturday night.”

on Josh Rosen’s block on a Soso Jamabo touchdown run
“I wanted him to use his left shoulder instead of his right shoulder. And on his ability to bounce back from last week? That’s Josh. He is resilient. In order to be a great competitor, you have to process what happened and move forward. You have to go to the next event, the next competition. Josh is really good at that.” 

on Eddie Vanderdoes
“Eddie strained his knee a little bit. So we will get that evaluated tomorrow.”

on UNLV gaining some momentum in the second half
“They didn’t score in the third quarter, did they? OK, so it was 7-0 in the third quarter. I think it’s just competition. We have to go back and analyze it and look at it. It’s hard for me to say what it was. We had four possessions and four scores in the first half. It’s inevitable that you’ll have to punt at some point. You start with the plays that we’re giving them. Are we teaching them the right technique? Are we giving them a chance to do things that they do well? And maybe we have to change our halftime routine or something. We need to be better in the third quarter.”

on UCLA dropping passes
“I don’t notice them until I look at the film, quite frankly. I was excited about Jordan Lasley making three good catches, about Mossi Johnson making a great play, about Ish [Adams] getting involved, about seeing Jalen Starks and Brandon Stephens do a tremendous job. I’m sure there were some drops, but I’ll look at those tomorrow.” 
on Josh Woods and Najee Toran
“We wanted to give Najee some playing time. Poasi’s [Moala] wrist has been bothering him a little bit. We wanted to give Josh Woods some time. He has really developed. We will only see that talent if we play him in a game. He hadn’t really had that opportunity. He did some things well and there are some things that he has to improve.”

on Soso Jamabo
“Soso is turning into a big-time back, I believe. We have a lot of confidence in him, and he has a lot of confidence in himself. Our players respect his work ethic. It’s good to see. He is running with a lot of confidence. He’s up to 220-something pounds. He is a good back.”

on last year’s team’s run defense and this year’s run defense
“Every year is a different year. You can talk about last year, but I’m not going to. I’m concerned about everything, every yard that they get, I’m concerned about. We’ll break it down and try to improve.”

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