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Iman Marshall Has A Plan

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Marshall I 350There is no doubt that Iman Marshall (6-2, 195) is one of the best corners in the nation and is another big time talent out of the legendary Long Beach (Calif.) Poly program. Marshall took an unofficial visit to UCLA this weekend.

“UCLA was amazing,” Marshall said. “I love Jim Mora. I love his passion and just love the coaching staff. They are amazing. It’s a young vibrant coaching staff. There is something about them. They’re just great coaches and I love the players. I’ve played with a lot of them, who are up there at UCLA. If it was Pop Warner, my football team or just passing league, I’ve played with a lot those guys. It was a great experience.

It a good thing that the Bruins showed itself well because UCLA is in competition with at least 25 known offers right now. In addition to UCLA, Marshall has offers from Arizona, ASU, Arkansas, Cal, Colorado, Florida, Florida State, LSU. Miami, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Tennessee, USC, Utah, Vanderbilt, Washington, Washington State and Wisconsin.

Though the Bruins had a nice showing, Marshall is still taking recruiting in stride and is going to have a careful approach to the recruiting process.

“I’m looking at every option because I haven’t experienced much,” Marshall said. “I’ve only seen two schools, so I can’t really give my opinion just off the two schools that I have visited. I still still need to visit other parts of the country. I have to see more sights before I make my clear judgement on it.

“Like I said, I haven’t experienced enough schools to cut my list down or that I’m not really thinking highly of or the ones that I am high on because I haven’t experienced anything but two schools. So, I don’t want to say I like this school better than that one until I have experienced it.

“My plan is taking all five of my official visits

The Bruins have running backs coach Kennedy Polamalu and defensive backs coach Demetrice Martin are spearheading the recruiting efforts for UCLA.

“Demetrice Martin, the defensive backs coach, I think he’s a great guy,” Martin said. “I like his intensity and I like what he is starting to do with UCLA with his DBs. I think UCLA has recruited a lot of defensive backs and are attracting a lot of players to come to UCLA. Within these two years there have been interesting signs with UCLA.”

The other school that Marshall is familiar with should surprise no one, it the school across town, who UCLA competes with for players and everything else.

“I love what SC is bringing,” Marshall said. “With the big recruits they signed like Damien Mama, Adoree’ Jackson and my former teammate “JuJu” [John Smith]. To be able to get pick up guys like that with the ruckus that they went through last year with the coaching change. The firing of the coach and the assistant coaches taking over the program and being successful then getting a new head coach. Watching it has been crazy. To pick up guys like that of that sort and athletic ability to play real football. It’s crazy and with the young coaching staff they have there. It seems like they are going really change the demographics of USC next year.”

What is Marshall looking for in a college?

“Most importantly, me and my dad want a strong academic foundation,” Marshall said. “At the end of the day, I’m thinking not just playing football, but my life after football. The degree of whatever college I go to, I want it to be strong enough to carry me wherever I want to go and whatever I want to do in the nation. That’s what my dad and I touch on all the time. Academics and trying to get my degree first and football second. That’s the most important thing, education then football.”

Location of the school, at least at the present time, doesn’t look to be a consideration in Marshall’s decision. 

“I feel like I could live in a different city, ” Marshall said. “I could adapt. Location isn’t really a factor to me, personally.”

How a team plays defense could help determine a decision.

“How a team plays defense could play a role in my decision,” Marshall said. “That’s something my dad and I have to evaluate. Get more in depth with the program and what kind of defense they run. The coach of the position and how they produce players. How the players look after college and do they last in the NFL. There’s a lot of discussion my dad and I have to go through before we make our evaluations and that’s within the time, we are going to do.”

Does Marshall have a timeframe for a decision?

“My goal is to make the decision on signing day, so I can take the time out to really, really observe every school and get a feel for every school, that’s my whole purpose,” Marshall said. “I can’t really tell the future though. I can say I’m going to wait until signing day, but I might fall in love with a program then the decision might come sooner than that, but if I had to choose, as of right now, I’ll be waiting until signing day.”

Signing day is a long ways away and Marshall has a lot of football ahead of him till then. He is planning on attending Rivals Top 100 Camp and The Opening. He doesn’t know if he will take in any other camps this spring and summer. He will try and hit some campuses this summer.

“I’m trying to hit up Stanford, Cal, Oregon, Florida, and Miami,” Marshall said. “I’m trying to hit up as many schools as possible across the nation that I can, both official and a unofficial.”

Marshall will have a new coach at Poly this season in former NFL and Super Bowl Champ, Tyrone Pierce. Obviously Marshall is pretty excited about what Pierce can bring to the table.

“Coach Pierce is going to have insight into things I never thought I would, especially as a high school player,” Marshall said. “His insights playing at the highest level, you could possibly play at in the NFL and tell me how, from a player’s aspect, what it takes to get there. That’s the most important thing and all the connections that he has. 

“It’s amazing, being who he is, Antonio Pierce, a former Super Bowl Champion and former defensive MVP for the Super Bowl. It’s amazing for me in my senior year to be under the guidance and coaching of him. It’s really exciting. We have really had a conversation, but the very few word Coach Pierce told me was amazing.”{/mprestriction}

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