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TOPIC: Which Gonzaga

Which Gonzaga 27 Mar 2015 16:36 #7644

player will drop to the ground and cry like a baby if they lose to us this time???? lolololol

Not too much optimism coming from me today. The Bulldogs are a solid team that plays really well together. This is the team I see UCLA becoming if they all stay in school.

Gonzaga is a very good inside out team. They have what is takes to make the Final Four but not enough talent to beat a Kentucky. So that being said our Bruins do have a chance to win.

But EVERYTHING must go perfect for it to happen. We are in dire need of two players who can hit the outside shot today. If that happens the middle will be in play and UCLA can take advantage of it and win. But we must have a least two guys who are hitting the 3 point shot lights out.

We need to spread the floor and create space. This is something UCLA does well. We also need to have an attitude today. We need a refuse to lose...fight all the way attitude to win. Get angry but play under control.

The ball is the most precious thing in the world today. Rebound it, hold it, shoot it and win with it. Go crazy on the boards and we have a great shot at winning.

All this being said we need the team to show up with their "A" game and their #1 game and the best game they have ever played today. How bad do they want it???? We will see. '74
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Which Gonzaga 28 Mar 2015 12:39 #7648

The Bruins were beat by a better team, pure and simple...
Make each day your masterpiece.
-John Wooden-
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