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UCLA has 21 Mar 2015 18:46 #7633

tried on the slippers and they seem to fit! In fact it seems they even like them!

My favorite part of that game was the work they did in the second half. Parker got his in the first so the team then went to Looney and Powell for the scoring. Bryce made sure everyone got theirs including some clutch beautiful shots by Welsh. High arching nothing but net shots. Nice!

The staff had a gameplan and they stuck to it for an amazing 48 points in the paint....yes at least 48 in the paint. That is Kentucky like numbers...don't get me wrong we are light years away from Kentucky but then again Kentucky is due for a bad game....lol

We have a formidable front line and if we use it we have a chance against anyone, except Kentucky. When we feed the post and score it makes the basket huge to the guards because they know the front line can and will score or rebound the ball thus making their shooting so much easier.

Basketball is a mental game. Ya just gotta have that confidence to advance and it appears UCLA has come together at the right time. Does this really make us one of the 16 best teams in America? I say yes...right now. We simply were not earlier in the year. Coaching maybe?

Iowa or Gonzaga??? Who do you want to see UCLA play??? Me I want Gonzaga. They beat us this year and will come into this game remembering that. That will help us because this UCLA team is light years better than they were a few months back when they played Gonzaga. I like our chances against Gonzaga.

It is still the time of year that makes it great to be a Bruin, still playing in March, while our competition (he said laughingly) suc sits at home watching and wishing. Ah yes it is good to be a Bruin! '74
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UCLA has 21 Mar 2015 22:12 #7634

great post, but USC is always at home sitting and watching this time of year...
Make each day your masterpiece.
-John Wooden-
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