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TOPIC: Very very cool story

Very very cool story 19 Mar 2015 00:53 #7623

One of my close friends emailed me his Jack Haley story. He was there the day Jack's career was made. Here is the story;

i was out in LA for some meeting or other and that was after his senior season. ESPN put together a made for television "game" between alumni of UCLA and North Carolina. They had two hall of fame coaches on the benches - John Wooden and Dean Smith - but mostly in an honorary capacity as they insisted that the NEA color guy - little guy, big mouth - forget his name for some reason - would make the substitutions for both teams in the last ten minutes of the game.

It was all in fun - except for one guy. Jack Haley, maybe the least ballyhooed player on the floor for either team, made up his mind to take on Michael Jordan and shut him down. And the two had a real war out there to everyone's surprise and delight. Especially Jordan's. He was lavish in his praise of Haley afterwards and i believe it was because of Jordan that the Bulls drafted Haley. And his career followed.

It was quite fun to see - very lucky as i was long living in the DC area by that time....
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