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TOPIC: Now what??

Now what?? 15 Feb 2015 02:56 #7557

We come home and sweep the Oregon schools. Will this be enough to get us in the Big Dance?

This team is a Jeckle and Hyde gig. I never know who is gonna show. I know we need a few big wins that are coming up like at least a split at the training ground for hell known as Tempe or Tucson.

The magic number has always been 20 wins. I think we will be hard pressed to get there but if the team that showed up for these last two games keeps it going we do have a chance.

UCLA has one thing going for it and that is something that cannot be taught called size. Freakin use it and we do well. It has really helped that Hamilton has come on in recent games because it allows Bryce to spot up and shoot, or play his natural position. And yes he shot terribly against Oregon but he did hit 3 out of his 4 three point attempts and had 4 assists.

I keep reading that our coach cannot coach. I call BS to that. This team has improved leaps and bounds from the start of the season. Just because we are able to beat the division two three four five or six teams by 40 does not mean we are good!

And we did that to weaker opponents. But now we are getting into our games against better teams. I agree with the assessment that the Kentucky game really hurt the Bruins mentally. It has taken a lot of coaching/work on this staffs part to fashion a tourney team this year.

We knew this was a rebuilding year...at least anyone who is not delusional knows it was a rebuilding year. Only one team in the country has been able to do that. Kentucky also lost 4 players to the NBA but was able to land recruits that for the most part UCLA cannot touch...for various reasons including ones like the fact we are an Adidas school instead of a Nike school.

Of course our strict academics also play into it but these are one and dones who actually only have to enroll. Because in some cases the grades come out so late in the season it just doesn't matter. Usually we see that in the form of a player being ruled ineligible before the tourney.

But in basketball, unlike football, money and who you play for makes a huge difference. A kid grows up playing for a Nike team is pretty much owned by them just as an Adidas kid is owned. Anyone who thinks these AAU teams and other "clubs" are not a huge source of money for these kid is once again hiding their head in the sand.

UCLA and or it's coaches are not known for playing any of that...funny thing is Kentucky's are. Look at Calipari's past.

One more thing...there simply are not enough one and done players to staff more than one or two college teams. UCLA always has and always will get their share. But until the playing field is level we have to do it the old fashioned way....earn it!

These Coaches have earned the right to continue and keep on doing it their way. We have serious talent coming in next year and it is exactly what the doctor ordered. Anything more than we have coming in now is a bonus. Just think how good Welsh/Goloman will be next year. Oh my! '74
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Now what?? 15 Feb 2015 15:00 #7561

Anyone who says Alford and his staff can't coach don't know basketball. While there could be agreement that some off the court details need improving but there is an old coaching adage and it applies here. A team that gets better as the season progresses is a well coached team. Now Alford needs to improve on keeping an eye on off court stuff such as point guards being ready to qualify and other players in the program doing well in class.
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