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TOPIC: Roquan Smith situation

Roquan Smith situation 13 Feb 2015 21:08 #7553

was handled very clumsy. Not UCLA's finest hour if what Smith said was true. Even though it is quite possible that UCLA just made mistakes, it still looks bad, if what Smith said to a UGA site is true... link. Thoughts?
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Roquan Smith situation 14 Feb 2015 21:08 #7554

In contrast to Roquan's reaction, I remember Keisean Lucier-South's reaction - he said that the coaches informed him before he signed and he signed with UCLA and not the coaches anyway.
The lack of any comment from Ulbrich defending what he did is unfortunate. It makes him look as if he has something to hide (whether he does or not). I'm sure neither UCLA, coach Mora nor the Atlanta Falcon organization wants Ulbrich to say anything for many reasons. Ulbrich should leak his side of the story to Rick so it could be reported as something from a trusted and reliable resource.
As for the undergraduate Business major, it would seem to be standard procedure to have input from academic counselors as high profile recruits are being vetted. Alternate coursework could be planned which would help the student meet his needs after college such as qualifying for graduate school for an MBA at the Anderson Graduate School of Business at UCLA.
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Roquan Smith situation 15 Feb 2015 02:27 #7555

Agreed. The whole truth will come out eventually. I think there is something more to this than just what is being said out there. Coach Mora said he would "fight tooth and nail" to keep him. I sure did not see/hear or even get a whiff of any counter offers or new titles offered to Coach Brick.

I really believe Coach Mora or someone decided it was time for him to go. After the Smith debacle it kind of cemented the idea and Coach Brick was gone. To me a sad day for our team. I liked Coach Brick a lot. He is a coaching star in the making. And he had that ability to recruit which cannot be taught.

But maybe too the fact is Smith may be telling the whole truth and Coach did deceive him which would be a seriously bad impression to leave with the next few years of recruits in the South. And thus it helped Coach Mora and staff/admin/AD...who knows who else....say goodbye to him.

I know he was close friends with both Coach Mora and Dan Quinn. But Coach Brick did not seem like a guy who would leave in the middle of a mission...to win a national title.

If he had stayed/been able to stay that accomplishment would make his value as a coach worth a whole lots more ($$$$) than a stint as a linebackers coach for the ATL.

So to me this has a ring of something being kept quiet. Something that maybe even should stay quiet. As in we do not need to know nor do we have the right to know. I am just saying....'74
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