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TOPIC: Hard loss

Hard loss 08 Feb 2015 03:45 #7545

Very very hard loss to swallow. There went our shot at the "Big Dance".
It is frustrating because the whole game I felt like we were the better team and would win.
Bryce had a terrible game. He is an 88% free throw shooter who choked on the line tonight. Free throws are mental.
I have been and am a supporter of Bryce because he has played out of position since he arrived on campus and still has won quite a few games for us. He belongs out there but only at the two spot so he can be free for those big three point shots.
I felt like Looney had a difficult game. I hope he decides to stay at UCLA for at least another year because he will end up like Kyle Anderson riding buses to games and all the rigors of the NBA D-League. Lonney is an NBA star in the making but not just yet.
This team is getting better. They have been "coached up" by this staff and the staff deserves credit for that. Heck Thomas Welsh is like a seasoned veteran out there now. He and Hamilton, who also had a bad game, have improved tremendously. But they are freshmen and will make all the freshman mistakes...every player does.
Bill Walton needs to shut up and tone it down a lot. But he does make some good points. We are weak at getting the ball inside. Our single strength is inside and we fail to use it.
We seem to like to run down the court and shoot the three first and then try to get it inside if that fails. Parker, Looney and or Welsh should touch the ball every time down the court.
Inside passing is a thing of beauty and if we start doing it we might be able to win the NIT Tourney and claim ourselves the number 66 team in the nation. Ya freakin Hoo! lol
All this being said we knew this was a rebuilding year and a lot of unproven players would have to step up. For the most part they have but we need it all to happen to be the team we were hoping for.
However next year....WHEW! We are gonna be strong in all positions. Especially if Looney and Parker come back. I have no clue what either of those players plans are but I have read Looney saw himself as a one and done player.
A insane agent may get Parker's ear and convince him to leave but he too would be relegated to the D-League.
So I fully expect Parker back and hopefully Looney is not myopic. Because next year we will be a top 10 team and a Final Four contender. I also believe next year Coach Alford will finally win over the skeptical and haters. This staff can coach and the players have/are improving each and every week. '74
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Hard loss 08 Feb 2015 14:42 #7547

I think the team took a step backwards against Cal. They didn't take care of the basketball and forced some shots. They also failed to defend the three ball late in the game and all game when Sam Singer was shooting the rock. A very winnable game, down the drain.
Make each day your masterpiece.
-John Wooden-
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