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Rick 06 Feb 2015 04:34 #7533

Are you hearing anything on the coaching situation? I am becoming convinced we have a better than 60-40 chance of keeping him unless the money is so much more in ATL.
That being said the fact is UCLA will post a banner year in earnings from football alone. Cant we up the ante?? I know he is signed until 2016 but a nice two or three year deal as our DC with a significant pay raise just might be the ticket.
Coach Brick knows he has a bit of a edge in his case to UCLA for more money and length of contract. Albeit a 5 star should never play a decision in the hiring/firing of a coach it is a nugget in coaches corner.
But I have read that maybe another 75K per year might be necessary to retain him. But with the money the school made on his and the rest of the staffs shoulders I say PAY HIM! '74
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Rick 06 Feb 2015 16:36 #7534

I haven't heard nothing except on Georgia paper said he agreed in principal with the Falcons. I have been busy so I haven't ben able to get on the phone to my sources to find out the real deal. I will try to do so today.
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