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TOPIC: I am so

I am so 04 Feb 2015 23:43 #7529

happy with the signings today. We got just about everyone we wanted/needed. This staff is amazing. I cannot wait to learn more about these kids. But from what I already know we got the number one player at several positions and did as well as ANY school in the country.
What does this all mean? Well, after watching UCLA go into Oklahoma's back yard and get their BEST offensive lineman and bring him home to UCLA, it tells me UCLA is indeed a national power and will only get better.
Once again Our coaches outdid themselves led by our head coach who sealed the deal with so many of these kids. Coach Klemm was again a magnet. In fact my new name for him is "Coach Magnet" because everyone he wants sticks by his side.
Coach Meat brought in another group of stellar athletes and the job Coach Pal...ah heck I cannot even begin to spell his name but our running backs coach proved he is as good of a recruiter as he is a coach.
The Mazzone's took care of business and their prospect is already enrolled. I am not sure who all they did have a hand in bringing in but if the only one is indeed Josh Rosen they forgiven because they did their job!
Coach Yarb's did it again also. Not only did he add to our wide out corps he also helped make UCLA the official school of the Hip-Hop generation by reeling in Broadus. The duo of Combs and Broadus should be able to come up with a tune to fit our Bruins!
We will not know how this class turns out to be for a few years but on paper it is a killer.

Coach Brick is gone. DAMN!!!! Rick, does that mean any of the recruits on the defensive side can reopen their recruiting??? Hope not! '74
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I am so 05 Feb 2015 04:37 #7530

'74 - I did not realize that Ulbrich was officially gone - the last I heard, Mora still had a chance to keep him at UCLA - well, it shows that the news shifts very fast.
I'm sure you are aware of the Roquan Smith situation where he was apparently not told about the contact between the head coach of Atlanta and Ulbrich - once he heard the news (of what I thought was a job offer), he apparently felt that UCLA deliberately lied by omission, and he flipped to GA. Via rumors, Mora got in touch with Roquan and he will wait a few days before doing anything. I thought that would give Mora a little time to have Ulbrich stay or do an amazingly fast job of recruiting a replacement. Truth be told, I do not know what is empty rumor and what is objectively verifiable fact.
There are rumors about the Ryan Newsome situation which is even more like a soap opera.
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I am so 05 Feb 2015 14:19 #7531

The last I heard Ulbrich is mulling over if he wants to take the move or not. We should know though soon. All the kids on board that have signed are happy to be Bruins. We will see what happens with Roquan Smith.
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