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TOPIC: Nice win

Nice win 30 Jan 2015 12:30 #7505

Nice win last evening. Just when the Bruins were pretty much written off as an also ran they reach up and smack the Utes around. It shows that we do have the talent we think we do and it needs time to develop.
If we had our full team this win would not surprise me. Utah plays up to 11 guys during a game. We cannot come close to even suiting up 11 guys!
Next up an under-achieving Colorado team. The Buffs have been hit by the injury bug but still should be making a better showing.
We are back to .500 in the Pac-12 standings. Heck if we only lose one or maybe two of our next seven games we do have a chance to make a tourney....even the big dance. But do not plan on it. We also need luck/help from other teams.
I really think we are NIT bound. '74
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Nice win 30 Jan 2015 15:09 #7506

Hope for NCAA Turney long shot, I know, but the NIT is like kissing your sister.
Make each day your masterpiece.
-John Wooden-
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Nice win 30 Jan 2015 19:25 #7507

It seems that coach Alford and/or his assistants should get props for good coaching decisions.on O and on D. It seems as if the UCLA players sometimes would spread the court and make it easier for Norman to drive and score. It seemed to be effective to place gadget arm Kevon at the point of the D - didn't UCLA used to run that type of D back when David 'Spider' Meyers played the point? It seemed to me that earlier this year, Wanaah played the point in such a D...I thought he did a great job.
It was great to see Hamilton playing so well - he just needed some home cooking! Welsh was more aggressive around the hoop.
Was it just a coincidence that Jonah Bolden joined the team for practice and now the team is playing so well? (that and the coaching decisions and whatever motivated the players?).
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